Our Story

We are a team of best friends, Rima and Belle, on a mission to bring stylish shoes that don’t compromise on comfort and quality. With both of us working full time jobs, Rima in New Business Development within the construction industry, and Belle as a Recruitment Consultant, we wanted to do something together and ultimately work for ourselves.

As all good things start, we came up with this ideal partnership. Sitting on the couch at Rima’s humble abode, we had numerous conversations about what we would do and possible business ideas… not long after, we came to the realisation that we were a tad too obsessed with shoes!

From there on in, we were on a mission to find the perfect styles to share with you all! We wanted to bring you staple pairs that could be worn all year round so you can get the most wear out of your shoes. In saying that, we also wanted a few statement pairs to make our selection pop! and we believe we’ve achieved both of those with the range we have and styles we continue to add seasonally.

Our focus is on fashionable high quality yet comfortable shoes. Each shoe has been designed, handcrafted and comfort tested before being released on our website.

All our shoes are premium quality genuine leather, handmade, and have a double padded insole achieving the ultimate comfort whilst not compromising style! All shoes have been tested by real people so we can ensure our customers get the finest quality shoes that our brand promotes.

Not long after launching the business, Rima was on her way to becoming a first-time mummy and is now mom to a little beautiful boy, Jude. Working a full-time job, a baby and running a business, what a boss babe!

We believe shoes are the most important part of any outfit and that is why we feel so blessed to have created this partnership enabling us to share our passion with you!

You can never have enough shoes! Happy Shopping Chicas x

Doing our part:

We are both very passionate about giving back to the community, so this is something we had to think about really hard! After attending the woman in business event in 2018 and hearing Lisa King’s story, we wanted to do our part and contribute to the great thing she is doing for society!

So, for every pair of shoes sold, we will purchase an “Eat My Lunch” meal on your behalf with meals donated to a child in need. This is our way of achieving and contributing to sustainable initiatives and social outcomes, ensuring we are giving back to the community, helping a child in need and supporting a good cause and a New Zealand business. :)

Disclaimer: Eat My Lunch is a separate entity and is in no way associated with Sole Shoes NZ