Hi, I’m Rima, founder of Sole Shoes.

Sole Shoes has an exciting, bold mission to empower women around the world in everything they do, starting with the shoes on their feet.

I grew up pining over exquisite, high-fashion footwear that was never available in New Zealand. As I left university and experienced corporate life, the realisation and struggle to find comfortable footwear during my daily commute rose to the top of my mind. I simply couldn’t find the perfect pair of shoes that were comfortable, fashionable, and not worn by everyone else.

That began the thrill of transforming well-chosen, high-quality materials into beautiful, finished shoes for women around the world to enjoy. I wanted to design a range that combined style, quality, versatility, comfort and solved an issue I knew many women experienced. Just like that, Sole Shoes was born, and I’ve never looked back.

It hasn’t always been easy, but together with my team, we continue to perfect every detail through each range, with all of my morals and values intertwined. When you purchase a pair of Sole Shoes, you are supporting ethically handmade, sustainably sourced shoes that are long-lasting and stylish. Our factory partner is women-led, we only use genuine leather, and each shoe has double foamed insoles for the ultimate comfort.

I am extremely grateful to my team and my customers for being a part of the vision, and I look forward to sharing my passion in helping you find the perfect pair too.

Rima X


Sole Shoes have strict processes to ensure that we achieve our mission and strategy. The life cycle gives you a glimpse of our shoe manufacturing process to ensure that our ladies wear elevated staple footwear.